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CSL: Henan Jianye 1-0 Shanghai Shenhua

发布时间: 2012-05-20    来源: Shenhua FC

Official announcement May 19

Tonight at 19:30 Shanghai Shenhua FC played away against their 11th opponent in CSL 2012, which is Henan Jianye. Catongo scored for the home team and Shenhua was defeated 1-0. 

Shenhua got the chance first. Cao Yunding dribbled into the penalty box and his shoot was blocked by the defender.And a very good opportunity was wasted by Fan Linjiang who was alone in front of goal-keeper and his shoot was off target. So 0-0 for the first half.

After the two teams changed sides, the home team started to exert more force on attacks. And their efforts were rewarded on 55th minute. Zhang Li passed the ball into the middle of box and Catongo followed meeting with the ball in the far post. His pushing shoot just hit target. 1-0 for Henan. On 87th minute, Shenhua penetrated by a set of brilliant short-passing combination then Mario smashed the ball and it hit the down edge of the bar then rebounded. The controversial moment came, however, the referee decided it was not a valid goal. Eventually after 90 minutes game, Henna defeated Shenhua 1-0.

Shanghai Shenhua:1-Wang Dalei;20-Wu Xi、23-Qiu Tianyi、6-Yu Tao、17-Fan Linjiang;21-Wang Guanyi(24-Wang Yang 85')、25-Mario;32-Gu Bin、28-Cao Yunding(27-Liu Junnan 64')、8-Song Boxuan(16-Wang Fei 64');39-Anelka