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AFC Suwon Samsung BlueWings 1-1 Shanghai Shenhua

发布时间: 2018-03-07    来源: Official Website

       18:00 March 7th,the third round of group H , AFC Champions League ,started their competition at Suwon World Cup Stadium. It’s a fight between Suwon Samsung BlueWings FC and Shanghai Shenhua FC, who is away. During the first half of the game, Suwon Samsung obtained an advantage over their rivals, but Eddy Francis successfully made the point, then Giovanni Moreno used a penalty to tie the score. Finally, Shanghai Shenhua drew with the Suwon Samsung away at 1-1.After this round the Shenhua get 3 points ranked the third in the group.

       Compared with the last round, The main coach ranged a five-back form for defence and made a substantially change to the starting line-up, because the absence of a number of leading players who got injured. Coming to the extra aid, only Obafemi Martins and Freddy Alejandro Guarin Vasquez were the starter, leader Giovanni Moreno coming as a substitute.



       Shanghai Shenhua(541):27-LiShuai;14-SunKai(67’6-LiPeng)、32-Eddy、30-TaoJin、19-LiXiaoMing(84’8-ZhangLu)、25-Wanglin;20-WangYun、37-SunShilin、13- Guarin、18-GaoDi(46’10- Moreno);17- Martins;

       Suwon Samsung BlueWings (343):21-NoDongGeon;16- Lee Jong-Sung、20- Kwak Kwang-Sun、15- Koo Ja-Ryoung;23- LeeKiJe、17- Kim Jong-Woo、25-:ChoiSungKeun、12- Cristovam (83’14-KimGunHee);26- Yeom Ki-hun、10- Dejan、11-LimSangHyub(70’7- Waguininho)